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Kathleen's Story

Submitted November 2020

Hello, my name is Kathleen Webb and I am a caregiver. Yet without the numerous caregivers and healthcare providers who have cared for my family during this year I personally would not have been able to meet the challenges.


National Family Caregiver month is a time to thank those relentless caregivers who give of themselves, their time, their compassion and their experiences while staying connected to the patient, their family and the healthcare services they are employed by.


During this past year I have been a caregiver to an aging mother, a special needs brother, a retired veteran that developed health issues, and a mother of 5 grown children with their own unique circumstances.


In spite of the COVID19 restrictions, social distancing, and other health measures, we have all learned creative ways to stay connected. My support systems grew as I reached out for help from the healthcare community. The healthcare teams at my Mom’s nursing home created virtual visits, telephone calls, window waves, and lots of letter writing. My mom sent out cards and letters to her family to keep in touch sharing colored pictures and well wishes to stay hopeful during these uncertain times.

My brother’s care team maintained medical appointments with virtual tele health visits.


His continuity of care extended to his care manager and outside providers following CDC guidelines as his monthly care was performed.


My husband’s care team at NAS Jacksonville observed the strictest of guidelines, following virtual health care visits and then being allowed to return to brick and mortar for further health care visits.

In conclusion, my role as a caregiver to my immediate family was supported by a community of healthcare providers who I may not mention but I am forever thankful for their hand and heart in maintaining my loved ones health.

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