This interactive workshop series will connect you with resources, support, and encouragement you need on your caregiving journey. Join in; ask questions; and leave with the tools you need to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. 

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Workshop Schedule:

Sessions are 60-minutes long. 

9:00am EST

The North Florida/South Georgia VA Health Care System, The Caregiver Support Program Through the VA

Learn about the Caregiver Support Programs YOU qualify for through Veterans Affairs. This will include the General Caregiver Support Program and the Comprehensive Assistance, new eligibility criteria, and how to access these programs. 

10:30am EST 

Kathryn Thomas,  Self-Care for the Caregiver

This workshop is for caregivers and former service members to assist them in assessing where in their life they can implement self-care to recharge and increase connection with those they love. Thomas, a service disabled veteran, will share real-life tools to help individuals learn ways to decrease stress and anxiety in the midst of unprecedented and unpredictable times.

12:00pm EST 

Deborah Grassman, Soul Restoration: A Program for Personal and Professional Caregivers

Whether providing care to a family member or working as a professional healthcare provider, caregivers face loss, change, and transition on a daily basis. Because the losses are chronic, they may not even be recognized, subtly robbing the care provider of their own sense of self (a Soul Injury). The literature now recognizes this as “Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder” (STSD). The Opus Peace Soul Restoration program for caregivers provides education on STSD and discusses ways to transform the brain by installing new “software.” The Soul Restoration ceremony then acknowledges the hardships that care providers have incurred, teaches them how to grieve and release the losses they face, and helps them learn how to become a “gracious receiver.”

1:30pm EST *30-minute session

Peter Rosenberger, Hope for the Caregiver

Educating, entertaining, and empowering audiences across the country, Peter Rosenberger offers poignant insights into the life of a caregiver. Weaving his deep compassion for fellow caregivers with his outrageous humor, Peter assuringly points others to safety and helps them develop plans to live a calmer, healthier, and even more joyful life as caregivers.

Questions? Contact Kandise Chrestensen, or 904-391-6603

Friday, September 25, 2020 9am-2pm EST

Caring for the Veteran Caregiver

Virtual Zoom Conference

Join us as we explore the rewards and challenges unique to those who care for men and women who have served our country. Tune in for the information and resources; stay for the support and encouragement; and leave with a feeling of hope and confidence in your caregiving journey.

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Recorded Workshops

Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others

Practical Tips for Caregivers

August 15 10am-11am EST

COVID-19 has created new obstacles in caregiving, including increased social isolation and feelings of grief at the loss of quality time with loved ones, physical touch, and even loss of support from friends and family who are overwhelmed or preoccupied with their own circumstances.

 Join us for our next workshop where we take some time to talk about you, the caregiver. Tune in to learn:

  • Why grief is connected to caregiving.

  • How stress as we get older impacts our health and immunity.

  • Practical, creative strategies to lower your stress.

  • Ways to identify and build your personal support system.

Preparing for a Crisis During a Crisis

July 18th, 10am-11am EST

With hurricane season in full swing, it’s important to start preparing for a storm as soon as possible. Due to COVID-19, the way we prepare on the First Coast is going to look different from years’ past. Join us for our next Virtual Caregiver Workshop to find out how you and your loved ones can prepare for a hurricane during the era of COVID-19. We will cover:

  • Overview of the new State program “Know Your Zone, Know Your Home.”

  • Creating a Disaster Supply Checklist.

  • What to expect when evacuating and sheltering.

  • The importance of the special needs registry and how to register

The Legal Aspects of Caregiving

June 20th 10am-11am

Preparing for a crisis isn’t always easy and getting the legal documents in order can be daunting. However, the sooner you can prepare these documents the better you can protect your loved ones.

In this session you’ll hear from two local Elder Law attorneys on what to do to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared in case you have to make any critical medical or financial decisions:

  • The six important documents to ensure legal and financial security.

  • The importance of a Power of Attorney.

  • Finally, how to safely get these documents notarized in a time of social distancing.

Caregiving During COVID-19

May 16th 10am-11am

In this session you'll learn practical ways to cope and overcome the added challenges of caregiving due to COVID-19. You will hear from the following experts: 

  • Toula Wootan, Caregiver Advocate and host of Toula's Tips for Caregivers radio show

  • Justine Conley, AARP Florida Associate State Director 

  • Terri Barton, CEO of Aging True 

  • Milva Ballester, Programs Manager at the Alzheimer's Association Central and North Florida Chapter

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