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Find Greater Happiness Professionally as a Working Caregiver: AARP’s Life Reimagined

Working caregivers have two tough jobs, but as the landscape of corporate culture shifts, many may find that their career is a source of energy, rather than a drain.

While the demands of caring for a loved one are likely to be exhausting at times, working caregivers have the opportunity to find success and fulfillment that can fuel and refresh their inner caregiver. Consider that work offers:

  • A sense of normalcy, regularity and structure;

  • Socialization set apart from matters of caregiving;

  • An opportunity to focus on one’s own well-being, success and future; and

  • A temporary mental break from worries of caregiving.

But, many of these benefits are contingent on employment that is fulfilling and self-actualizing. No matter your age or stage in life, AARP®’s Life Reimagined program can help you realize your career goals, even as a caregiver for someone you love.

Through a paid subscription-based service, Life Reimagined connects you with resources right from your laptop, tablet or PC that focus on work, relationships and well-being. From free quizzes to digital sessions with a Life Coach, Life Reimagined brings convenience to caregivers looking to cultivate other areas of their life.

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