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Millennials Speak: Some days I felt like I just couldn’t do it all.

As a 29-year-old mother of two, Monica was managing her household, raising her family and acting as the primary caregiver for her 74-year-old grandmother. We spoke in December about how they were adjusting to her grandmother’s recent move to assisted living.

Q: Tell me what it was like to balance taking care of your children and your grandmother.

A: It was difficult. Some days I felt like I just couldn’t do it all. I spent a lot of time coordinating, scheduling and driving her to appointments. I coordinated everything with my smartphone. It was also rewarding. It is important to have Granny as a part of my family’s life.

Q: Tell me about the decision to move into assisted living.

A: Granny started to feel like [she was] a burden. We thought about renting a house or apartment, but what Granny really wanted was company that was her own age.

Q: Did you do much research in deciding to make the move?

A: Granny knew a lady from dialysis that lived at Bartram Lakes and loved it. I went online, did a Google search and read reviews. Then we decided to visit and talked to other residents living there. It felt right to both of us.

Q: How has your relationship changed since your grandmother moved?

A: I miss the daily interaction, but the move has freed up my time and I started a photography business—something that has interested me since high school. We talk on the phone and stay close. Granny is still one of my best friends.

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