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Using Technology to Take Care of Y-O-U

With the responsibility and demands of taking care of a loved one, we often neglect our own physical health. It can be difficult figuring out what solution is best for you. Time to plan and acclimate to a routine can be tough to find, but technology and digital access are changing what self-care looks like for caregivers of all ages and making it easier than ever to be a healthy caregiver.

My Y on Demand

My Y on Demand is a complete wellness solution at your fingertips. This virtual platform provides a prescriptive approach to help you achieve your wellness goals. My Y subscribers complete their personal profile and answer a brief questionnaire about their desired wellness and nutrition goals. You need not be a Y member to join this subscription-based service.

My Y on Demand subscribers then take a FitIn assessment to obtain their baseline ‘My Rating.’ The FitIn consists of entering your target weight and completing four simple exercises that you can perform virtually anywhere.

Once subscribers complete these two simple steps, they are ready to embark on their wellness journey with the following helpful tools:

  • Prescriptive Workout Plan

  • Includes specific, self-paced workout videos you can do at home, on the road and even on vacation.

  • Personalized Daily Nutrition Plan

  • Meal plan options customized for various food allergies and preferences, along with recipes and grocery lists to assist with healthy shopping.

  • my Rating from Fit-In Assessment

  • This feature allows for fitness level assessments and progress tracking.

  • Social Community

  • You can post updates to share progress with your friends; create and participate in wellness challenges and connect socially to create teams with your friends.

Learn more about My Y on Demand by visiting and take part in a FREE 60-day trial! The trial period deadline is March 31. So be sure to take advantage of a wellness solution that can help you reach your goals, anywhere you are!

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